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What is nasal flesh growth?

Adenoid hypertrophy (adenoid hypertrophy) usually seen in children; It is the growth of lymphoid tissue at the junction of the nasal cavity and the oral cavity larger than normal. As a result of this growth, the airway narrows and air passage becomes difficult.

As a result of narrowing of the airway and difficulty in air passage, symptoms such as sleeping with mouth open, drooling during sleep, snoring, respiratory arrest during sleep (sleep apnea), restless sleep, constant movement during sleep, urinary incontinence during sleep are observed. These children are generally not well fed and some may have developmental delay. Since nasal flesh reduces sleep efficiency in children, it may cause problems such as daytime sleepiness or lack of attention, decrease in school success, and inability to concentrate.

Children with adenoids may have frequent upper respiratory tract infections. Similarly, adenoid may grow in children who are frequently ill. These children have an endless nasal discharge. When nasal discharge is seen that does not improve with treatment, the allergic condition should be investigated together with the enlargement of the nasal passages.

In the treatment, first of all, nasal discharge is cut with drugs and the nasal flesh is tried to be reduced. However, the definitive treatment is surgical removal of the adenoid.


Adenoid surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It is preferably applied to patients over the age of 3, but if there is a situation such as respiratory arrest during sleep, no age limit is sought. The operation takes about 30 minutes. After the operation, it is usually followed up in the hospital overnight. It is recommended to eat soft and warm foods for 3-4 days after discharge. Hard and hot foods are not recommended.

When is nasal surgery performed?

If the adenoid is large enough to cause chronic nasal congestion; Adenoid surgery may be the definitive solution to this problem. Prolonged nasal congestion may cause growth and development retardation and heart-lung diseases.

Situations where the middle of the face is flattened, the mouth is always open, the upper jaw is prominent and the palate is domed; It is the “adenoid face” image that occurs as a result of constant nasal congestion in children. In these children, disorders occur in the structure of the mouth and teeth, and excessive caries develop. In this case, children turn around in bed very often, try to breathe more easily by throwing their heads back, and they often drool from their mouths. Children who have the symptoms mentioned above are directed to nasal surgery with the diagnosis of the Otolaryngologist.

In addition, nasal surgery;

Chronic or recurrent adenoid inflammation
Chronic or recurrent Sinusitis
Chronic or recurrent Middle ear inflammation or fluid accumulation in the middle ear
Chronic or recurrent lower respiratory tract infection
Asthma and respiratory allergies that are difficult to control despite drug therapy

It is also a method used in diseases such as.

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