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The patient stays in the hospital for one day after Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) and can be discharged the next day. Swelling and bruises may occur on the face and around the eyes after surgery. In order to reduce these, cold application is applied immediately after the operation. Even if the image is bad, the pain is not as much as expected. In my surgeries, I put air-channeled silicone tampon in the nose and these are 2-3. I take the day. There is no pain during this tampon removal process. I use a splint on the outside of the nose and take it 10 days later. Sutures on the nose are removed on the 7th day after surgery. From the second day after surgery, it is ok for patients to take a bath, but I recommend hairdresser-style hair washing so that the tape and splint outside the nose does not get wet.

The botox effect starts on the 3rd day, the full effect is seen on the 10th day and the effect continues to be seen for 3-6 months.

The effectiveness period of temporary fillings is approximately 6 -18 months, depending on the quality of the filling used and the area.

Meniere's disease is caused by increased pressure in the inner ear fluids. The reason for this pressure increase is not clear yet. The reason for this may be that the discharge channels of the inner ear fluids are blocked or the discharged fluid is less than the amount produced.

It is applied at intervals of 1-4 weeks at first. After 4-6 sessions on average, it can be repeated every 3-6 months.

Matrix vaccine is a special patented formulation of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino acids. This vaccine provides a youthful and natural appearance by supporting the production of collagen and elastin on the face thanks to the formation of a new Extracellular Matrix (ECM).

Dizziness is treated with positional maneuvers, balance therapy and psychotherapy methods by your doctor.

Tests using advanced technology such as VNG (videonystagmography), caloric test, V-HIT test are the most powerful tests we have in determining all diseases that cause dizziness and making an accurate diagnosis.

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