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In this article, Assoc. Dr. We will present the explanations of our teacher Mustafa Acar.

The nose is aesthetically important because it is located in the midline of the face and is the organ that attracts the most attention when looking at the face during communication. The process of changing the external appearance of the nose in line with the patient’s wishes and the patient’s recommendations as a result of the facial analysis of the physician is called Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetics) Surgery.

Patient-physician communication and mutual trust are essential in rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) and all aesthetic applications. In cases where this bond cannot be established, the rate of unhappiness and failure increases after surgery. The patient should clearly state his / her wishes and the physician should accurately explain what he can do depending on his experience and surgical ability.

Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) surgery can be done in two ways: open technique and closed technique. Both techniques have advantages over each other. I prefer Open Technique Rhinoplasty as a surgical technique. Before the nasal aesthetic surgery, the surgeon should make a good face analysis and determine the plan and surgical goals accordingly. Different techniques should be applied to each patient and appropriate targets should be set to make a natural and beautiful nose suitable for the patient’s face.

  • RHINOPLASTY (Nose Aesthetics) Before Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) operation process
  • Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) after surgery

Before rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) surgery, a detailed physical examination should be questioned whether the patient has a breathing problem, and the reasons for this should be evaluated. Irregularity of the middle wall of the nose, enlargement of the nasal concha or allergic conditions can cause breathing problems. Detection of these situations will be helpful in terms of surgery plan.

Facial photographs of the patient who decides to have surgery are taken, facial analysis is performed and the natural and beautiful nose shape that will suit his face is tried to be determined. And the patient is given descriptions and explanations about the nose that can be made. Photographic studies do not necessarily mean a guarantee of results, they show us approximate results about the new nose that will occur after surgery.

It is recommended that patients do not smoke for one month before and after the operation. Patients using aspirin or similar drugs should stop these drugs one week in advance, in consultation with their doctor.

Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) Surgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation may vary depending on the patient and the surgeon, but it may take approximately 2-6 hours. The surgical technique performed may have an effect on the duration of the operation. Eskişehir rhinoplasty surgery, if revision rhinoplasty, this period may be longer. While forming the outer shape of the nose, the cartilage tissue inside the nose is used. However, since this cartilage tissue is not sufficient in people who have had nose surgery before, it may be necessary to take cartilage from other regions. In such cases, ear cartilage can be removed first, and if this is not sufficient, rib cartilage can be removed.

The patient stays in the hospital one day after Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) surgery and can be discharged the next day. Post-operative swelling and bruises may occur on the face and around the eyes. In order to reduce these, cold application is applied immediately after the operation. Even if the image is bad, the pain is not as much as expected. In my surgeries, I put an air-channel silicone tampon in the nose and these are 2-3. day after day. There is no pain during this tampon removal process. I use a splint on the outside of the nose and take it 10 days later. Sutures on the nose are removed on the 7th day after surgery. From the second day after surgery, it is ok for patients to take a bath, but I recommend hairdresser-style hair washing so that the tape and splint outside the nose does not get wet.

Swelling and bruises around the face and eyes reach their highest level in 2-4 days and 6-7. disappears in days. However, it may take 3-6 months for the swelling around the nose to completely disappear and the face to return to its normal state. During this period, it is necessary to be patient and protect the nose from all kinds of blows and trauma. Glasses should not be worn for two months after the operation, the nose and eye area should be protected from the sun and sunscreen creams should be used for at least two months.

Eskişehir Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetics) Prices

The price of plastic surgery is the most common question we encounter. I think it would not be correct to give information about this surgery without a detailed examination of the nose without determining the patient’s wishes without a patient-physician meeting. There are many factors that affect the price of Eskişehir Rhinoplasty surgery.

Whether the patient’s first rhinoplasty,
The hospital where the operation will be performed,
The materials to be used,
Length of stay in the hospital,
Preoperative tests, analyzes and the time and effort your doctor will spare for you,

As can be seen, there are many factors that affect the price of Eskişehir Rhinoplasty surgery. However, the first thing to be asked in rhinoplasty is not the price but the experience, skill, knowledge, interest and how carefully he does his job. Trust between physician and patient is very important in rhinoplasty. I usually recommend that my patients seek the opinion of a few more doctors before surgery. After the trust factor is established, price questions can be passed.

Will there be swelling and bruises on my face after rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic) surgery?

The answer to this question is to trust your surgeon, who believes that which technique can make your nose better with your nose, and decide according to his recommendations. In fact, open and closed techniques are both ways to reach the nasal skeletal structure. The difference is that in the open technique, an incision is made in the tip-bottom part of the nose and a small incision left after the operation due to this incision. This scar becomes invisible and invisible after a while. Both techniques have advantages over each other. While some maneuvers can be performed more easily in the open technique, edema and nasal tip numbness are less in the closed technique. Similar results can be obtained by performing the same maneuvers in both techniques. But as a result, I think it will be right to have surgery in that technique, which is the most successful technique used by your surgeon, who will perform and plan your surgery, and designs what maneuvers and changes will make in your nose.
Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia and may take 3-5 hours. This time may vary depending on the problems in the nose and the surgeon.
The main material we use when reshaping the nose is cartilage. If the patient has not had nose surgery before, the cartilages removed from the nose will be sufficient. Generally, there is no need to buy cartilage from another place. However, if nose surgery has been performed before, the required cartilage tissue can be removed from the ear or rib.
Rhinoplasty surgery should not be performed before the age of 18 unless there is a special problem affecting breathing. It is most common in the 20-30s. In patients over the age of 40, more care should be taken, as skin elasticity will decrease and tissue recovery will occur later.
If the necessary tissue support is provided to prevent the nasal ridge from collapsing, it is a rare situation we encounter in the nose collapse if careful and careful action is taken during the nasal aesthetic surgery. But it can happen, and after some surgery, it may be necessary to have another surgery to solve this problem. There is a certain rate of such bad results, and the person who will undergo surgery should know and accept these rates. As a surgeon, I remind these results to every patient who will undergo surgery and explain the possibility of reoperation in the future.

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