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(Septum Deviation) Nasal Cartilage Curvature Surgery

There is a curtain-like structure called the septum consisting of bone at the back and cartilage in the front separating the nasal cavities. The deviation of this structure from the midline to the right or left is called septum deviation.

In people with septum deviation, symptoms such as nasal congestion, mouth breathing, snoring, headache, sleeping with an open mouth at night are the most common symptoms.

Its treatment is surgical operation (septoplasty). Septoplasty is not a difficult operation. It can be performed under general anesthesia or optionally with local anesthesia. It takes approximately 20-40 minutes and usually a short hospital stay is sufficient. A tampon is placed in the nose at the end of the operation. These tampons stay on the nose for two days and then are removed.

In simple septoplasty surgeries, symptoms such as facial swelling, bruising around the eyes or incision marks from the outside are often not encountered. In septum deviation surgery, the septum is reached with a simple incision, the curvatures are corrected, and the bone protrusions are rasped or removed when necessary. Since no intervention will be made on the outer roof of the nose, there are no complaints such as swelling and bruises.

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